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Gibson Watts

Gibson Watts had a vital mission that deserved to be brought into the spotlight and Jooba was ready to showcase it in the most impactful way possible. Unifying the brand and establishing a strong, modern image for Gibson Watts helped position them as a global leader in executive search and recruitment for cleantech and renewable energy.


A fast-paced global organisation needed a brand to reflect this, whilst still forging deep connections with its audiences. Taking a complex brand with multi-faceted services, and creating a diverse yet simple website presence.

Corre Energy

Building a world-changing green energy project requires attention, and attention requires a strong brand. A website that tells the most important story of a generation. A website for investors, governments and communities.


for a brighter future

Steered by strategy and long-term vision, our mission is to help you achieve both your environmental and commercial objectives.  The renewable energy industry is an ever-changing landscape, so we're a marketing agency that will evolve and adapt with your business and the market. We use the latest tools and techniques to understand consumer behaviour and market trends, allowing your company to ride the waves of success.

You’re not just doing business, you’re changing the future.

We provide multidisciplinary marketing expertise and industry knowledge that will help your brand stand out from the crowd, giving you more time to focus on what’s important: building a better future for all.

Green Hydrogen Hub

Turning a disjoined and siloed identity, into a united and pioneering brand. Jooba’s team created an engaging and informative website which provided a hub of vital information for all their key audiences.


brands that do good

At Jooba, we’re on a mission to bring purpose to the forefront because we believe brands that are making a positive impact on the world deserve a bigger platform.

Our whole spectrum of digital agency services is underpinned by an enthusiastic understanding of your mission, your audience, and your wider business goals. Whether you need to improve your social media presence, grow brand awareness, or create a powerful new website, we’ve got you covered.

Our proven experience as a creative marketing agency enables us to effectively support versatile businesses that develop and provide climate solutions: from leaders in climate tech to global executive search firms.


Helping a manufacturer of connected healthcare devices to connect with new audiences globally. Encompassing four key healthcare pillars into a clear and consistent brand for users to engage.


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