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We’re not only based in Bristol, but we’re proud to be!

As a Bristol marketing agency, we infuse our projects with the same creative spirit that defines this city. Because when you’re in the UK’s most innovative city (outside of London), forward-thinking matters.

We welcome any opportunity to collaborate with neighbouring businesses and love collaborating to help them put their brands in the spotlight to achieve local, national, and even international success.

Despite their availability in our city, our clients don’t need a hot air balloon to make their brand take off - teaming up with Jooba does the trick! With unwavering consistency and bucketloads of ideas, our marketing team will create strategies that will elevate your business from Bristol and beyond.

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Marketing services in Bristol

Design, digital, media - you name it, we can do it. Our marketing strategies are developed and executed with a level of skill and artistry that would make even Banksy proud.

Working with our existing clients around Bristol, we’ve already helped many local businesses create brands that find a place in people’s heads, hands, and hearts.

We’ll help you understand your key audiences and position your brand better in the market - whether that be through logo or website design, content marketing, SEO, or more. Our data-driven, customer-focused marketing always gets the job done.

Ready to inject some creativity into your business? Then let’s talk!

Our Creative Services

How else can we support Bristol businesses with their marketing challenges?

We can offer a dynamic approach to marketing that works for you. Whether you have long or short-term goals or are looking for assistance with one area of marketing or a comprehensive offering, we can advise you on the best way to move forward.

If you need more information on what we do, why not read through our pitch deck to learn more?

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Our work in the Bristol area

Explore some of our previous projects with clients in the Bristol area

Procorre GlobalThis Bristol-based business has a global focus, and they needed a new brand and communication strategy that enabled them to compete with competitors and celebrate its niche.

Gibson WattsOperating out of their Bristol office, Gibson Watts had a vital mission that deserved to be brought into the spotlight and showcased in the most impactful way possible.

Corre EnergyWorking closely with their Bristol team, we helped Corre Energy to develop a robust brand image and amplify their message. Helping them to seek investment on the global stage.

Meet Jooba’s Bristol Marketing Team



George is our Brand Manager, and he gets motivated by listening to our clients’ ideas and bringing them to life through exciting designs and branding strategies. With a wealth of experience in creating industry-leading brands, websites, and imagery, our clients can be assured that their brand is in safe hands when they work with George and the Jooba team towards their goals.

Likes: Cider. Creating detailed rankings of local curry restaurants. Flexing his unexpected maths skills.

Dislikes: Tearing his ACL. 9am starts.



As Marketing Manager, Will heads up the marketing strategies and campaigns for our clients. He advises them on the best creative practices and ensures that they achieve the best results in their campaigns and marketing strategies. Will has a long and varied experience in the marketing sector and has built successful campaigns for businesses across a variety of different sectors.

Likes: Star Wars. Football. Guinness. Carbohydrates

Dislikes: Oysters. When it’s both rainy and windy and your umbrella gets totalled. The rising price of crisps.



Katie is a seasoned wordsmith who takes pride in her ability to articulate creative stories for our clients. She is highly knowledgeable in effectively communicating brands, utilising social media platforms for the best impact, and adapting different tones of voice to speak to a variety of audiences. She has had several fantastic achievements with Jooba and is eager to get stuck into new projects.

Likes: Festivals. Cats. Languages. Beating everyone at Mario Kart.

Dislikes: Slow walkers. Meetings that could be an email. Wrists (carpophobia is a real thing!)



Sophie is well-versed in creating stunning designs for a variety of different purposes. She brings a dynamic and creative perspective to all of her tasks and regularly creates work that goes beyond expectations. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of our clients on a variety of exciting projects and is excited to see what sustainable projects lay ahead.

Likes: Gigs. Formula 1. Corgis. The pub.   

Dislikes: Bristol traffic. Mushrooms. People clapping when the plane lands.



As our Account Manager, Simon works as a point of contact for our clients to collect a thorough understanding of their goals and aims. An experienced communications and PR professional, Simon heads up PR campaigns by searching for exciting press opportunities, manages our marketing projects, and analyses data for our clients.

Likes: Surfing. Swimming. Travelling. Being outdoors.

Dislikes: Smooth peanut butter. Trains.