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Ensuring your brand cuts through the noise

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The Internet. It’s amazing isn’t it?

Alongside providing a wealth of knowledge for whoever’s searching for it, and allowing people to connect with friends from their past, increased digital adoption has completely changed the game for growing businesses all over the world.

Shifting into the digital world, it's levelled the playing field for a number of businesses and created a wealth of opportunity for brands that take time to understand content creation, and how to reach out to the right people. Despite this, it’s also created a lot of gaps that businesses need to understand in order to truly start benefiting from their digital presence.

Imagine walking through a high street where every single wall displays advertisements, and every person you walk past approaches you tries to sell some new product. Well, this is exactly how customers feel when they’re browsing the web in the modern world. As a result, there is a huge challenge for businesses to create effective content that cuts through the noise and connects with prospective customers. Turning this challenge into opportunity all starts with building an effective content marketing strategy.

Standing apart from your competitors

Customers today have more options than ever when it comes to buying products and services. For organisations looking to reach new customers, three essential considerations must be made.


What makes your brand different to others on the market? And how does your brand speak to customers in a way that differs from your competitors?


What valuable content are you creating for your target customers? Additionally, are you supporting your products and services with your content strategy?


If a tree creates an awesome marketing campaign in the forest, but nobody’s around to see it – did it really happen? How are you ensuring that your brand and content reach the right people?

Understanding your audience

Want to build valuable content? It all starts with painting a picture of exactly who your target audience is. Many companies choose to create personas, where they identify a persona of exactly what their customer (or customers) look like. So, with an idea of who your customer is, you can start unearthing which types of content would be most valuable to them.

Identifying your audience can be achieved in a number of different ways. Perhaps you already have a robust list of customers that you can incentivise to share their thoughts with you.

Maybe you’re looking at reaching out to a market research company to establish some findings on your behalf. Or, maybe you’re using digital advertisement methods to ascertain which demographics are connecting with your brand and products / services.

Whichever way you’re choosing to research your audience, it’s vital to never underestimate this step of the process. If you rush this step, it's likely that marketing campaigns will go ‘back to the drawing board’ later down the line when you’re not achieving the conversions that you want.

Creating content – how to get it right

As is the case with most marketing techniques, there’s sadly no one-size-fits-all approach that will connect with your customer base. However, when building your content strategies, thinking about your value proposition and target audience is the best way to get started. With this, you can start building content which speaks to your customers, and reflects your brands’ value proposition.

But wait! Don’t solely think of content as a tool to reach new customers. Think of it also as a way to keep your existing customers engaged. Previous customers tend to exhibit loyalty with brands that provide positive digital experiences. We know that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is. So think about how content marketing can not only attract new customers, but also turn your existing ones into ambassadors for your brand.

If you want help with your content marketing strategies, or even just to have a chat about how you can refine what you’re working on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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