We engaged with Gibson Watts in its infancy to help build a strong and reputable brand within the cleantech and renewable energy business sectors.

Gibson Watts had a vital mission that deserved to be brought into the spotlight, and Jooba was ready to showcase it in the most impactful way possible. Our focus was getting eyes on the brand, building trust, and minimising the growing pains of building a company from scratch.

Gibson Watts is a purpose-led executive search and professional recruitment consultancy within the cleantech and green energy business sectors. They help forward-thinking companies achieve remarkable success by matching them with the talented and visionary leaders needed to drive their businesses forward.

With a specific focus on renewable energy generation (including offshore wind), hydrogen, clean transportation, technology & manufacturing, and agricultural technology, their expert knowledge of the green energy and cleantech sectors means they are able to offer a personalised executive search and recruitment service that consistently delivers top talent.

Despite their rapid and substantial growth, cleantech sectors have often struggled to source the best talent. This is largely due to the demand for jobs in these sectors being far greater than the supply of talent available. With this in mind, we understood that securing talent quickly in this market was essential.

Building a company from the ground up naturally comes with its fair share of challenges, but Jooba rose to the challenge and delivered marketing solutions that not only met the needs of Gibson Watts but surpassed their expectations.

What Gibson Watts needed was a strong marketing strategy that helped them build a strong reputation in the industry, attract talent, and stay ahead of their competitors.

Working alongside Gibson Watts since its inception in 2021, we have undertaken all of their marketing activities and helped significantly streamline the talent acquisition process.

Our efforts were focused on unifying the brand and establishing a strong, modern image for Gibson Watts. As a result, the company is building deeper connections with clients and job applicants and positioning itself as a global leader in executive search and recruitment for cleantech and renewable energy.

Jooba is continuously working to distinguish Gibson Watts from its competitors by establishing a unified, contemporary brand image through the use of video content, social media engagement, paid advertising campaigns, and marketing collateral.

In a business landscape that is fiercely competitive, a well-executed marketing strategy is indispensable for companies seeking to attain a competitive edge and fulfil their growth aspirations. Here's how we did it:

  • Messaging strategy and brand voice: Jooba aided Gibson Watts in crafting a distinctive messaging strategy and brand voice from scratch by conducting thorough market research and analysis of competitors and their target audience.
  • Social media marketing: After our market research was in place, we were able to grow Gibson Watts’ LinkedIn following count at an expedited rate, reaching 5000 followers in as little as ten months. We used the platform to establish thought leadership in the market by sharing insights, building a professional network, and showcasing their work and achievements.
  • SEO Presence: To spread the word about Gibson Watts’ services, Jooba established a solid SEO presence for the company, helping them attract leads through search engines. This was achieved through a combination of on-page optimisation and targeted link-building efforts.
  • Promotional Videos: Our team at Jooba produced dynamic promotional videos that effectively highlighted Gibson Watts' brand and unique selling points, capturing the attention of both potential clients and candidates through an engaging and informative visual experience.
  • Branded documentation: We developed polished, branded documentation for Gibson Watts' clients to maintain a professional image throughout the entire sales process, strengthening the company's credibility and establishing a trustworthy relationship with clients.
  • Event marketing: Jooba helped Gibson Watts in planning and executing several events, with the goal of increasing brand awareness, creating a network with potential clients, and gathering valuable insights from attendees.

“The team at Jooba has created a sleek and sophisticated online image for us that sets us apart from our competitors and positions us as a leader in the industry. The entire team takes pride in what they deliver, approaching every project with enthusiasm, care, and a commitment to excellence.”

Lee Hudson - Director