Procorre Global was in need of a new brand and communication strategy that allowed it to compete with competitors and celebrate its niche.

Procorre Global wanted to build a brand which stood out within its market and communicated its niche effectively. After a series of workshops with the Jooba team, we developed a new messaging strategy which showcased Procorre Global's 'human' focus. Focusing on their people-first service that has been lost within their largely digitised industry.

After developing a messaging strategy that cut through its market, we got to work on developing a modern and slick brand which would complement it. Our design team wanted to create a recognisable asset, or icon, which could be used across the brand and was relevant. From this, came the location pin, which replaced the 'O' in the logo. This logo pin became a staple of the Procorre Global brand, recognisable and used across all of the business's assets.

Along with the rebrand came the development of a brand new website which put a deserving spotlight on the company's vast array of useful content and guides. We got to work on rebranding the assets and social media platforms, and started putting forward a communication and SEO strategy which truly gave this unique new brand the attention that it deserved. 

Procorre Global's biggest source of business is inbound enquiries, and as a result of this, we wanted to make sure that its website content was optimised as best as it could be to bring in a high volume of traffic and website submissions.

While keeping the sharp new brand at the centre of the website design, we also had to ensure that the website page speed was optimised effectively. Alongside this, we put together an SEO campaign which focused on promoting content to develop the website's backlink portfolio.

A fresh look on the website, fully optimised to get the most of its search engine performance

Developing an array of stationary which showcased the new brand in a number of new avenues.

As is the case with any rebranding job, we quickly unearthed more and more content which needed to be switched over to the new brand. As a global employment provider, Procorre Global had everything from in-country guides, white papers, documentation, business cards, and more. The Jooba team had to breathe new life into all of this stationary by revamping everything with the new look.

By utilising the bright colours and clean assets from the new brand, we were able to create stationary that really stood out - helping to drive engagement both digitally and in-person.

In a highly competitive market, Procorre Global needed more than just a brand to cut through the noise - it needed a marketing strategy that communicated itself differently to others and put its niche in the spotlight

  • Digital advertising: With a new brand that would leave a memorable first impression, we got to work on developing optimised advertising digital advertising campaigns and keyword-specific landing pages that could generate qualified and relevant leads for Procorre Global's sales team.
  • Social media marketing: We integrated all of Procorre Global's new design assets into the social media channels, and ensured that all staff had their own professional profiles branded in line with the new look, and were actively promoting the page's content.
  • SEO Presence: With a content-first approach, we started taking action to build digital relationships with blogs and news outlets, allowing Procorre Global to refine its backlink portfolio and ascend higher in Google's rankings.
  • Branded documentation: We ensured that all of Procorre Global's content and documentation was up to scratch with the new brand, along with being optimised online to enable discovery from prospective leads via a content marketing funnel.
  • Email marketing: By keeping Procorre Global's existing and prospective customers informed of the rebrand, we had an opportunity to reconnect with previous clients and rebuild relationships through email marketing.
  • Content generation: As a thought leader within its industry, we assisted Procorre Global to generate a huge variety of useful content such as in-country guides and blogs. Procorre Global assists with employment in over 120 countries globally, and we wanted this work to be fully demonstrated in the valuable content that we were promoting.

“As a growing business in our industry, competitors in our market were quickly leaving us behind with their jazzy rebrands and high-spec websites. Jooba helped us to learn what really made us - us. We rediscovered our confidence and were able to put forward a brand that truly showed that.”

Mark Baggs - Director