A fast-paced global organisation needed a brand to reflect this, whilst still forging deep connections with its audiences.

Procorre is an innovative, fast growing management consultancy firm, at the forefront of the renewable energy sector. Helping to grow a vast array of projects in numerous different sectors and countriesProcorre needed a brand that encapsulated their entire service offering and demonstrated their dedication to serving clients and consultants around the world. 

As a rapidly changing and expanding organisation, the main challenge for Procorre was conveying their broad range of services in a way that is clear, engaging and easily accessible. 

To do this successfully, Jooba created a number of sites dedicated to different parts of the business. Each one followed a similar unified design but had a tailored content and user experience strategy, to target the relevant audience. 

Taking a complex brand with multi-faceted services, and creating a diverse yet simple website presence.

Jooba have been working alongside Procorre for over four years, undertaking all their marketing activities and helping enable the company to be agile and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. 

Through video, social media, paid advertising and the creation of marketing collateral, Jooba continues to create a united, modern brand for Procorre, that creates an immediate and lasting connection between the organisation and its clients and consultants, whilst placing Procorre amongst the leaders in management consultancy.  

"We couldn’t have grown to the scale we have without a brand that has been agile and flexible in its approach. The agency’s deep understanding of our goals has helped us stand out and create an identity that is truly reflective of our values and mission."

Anne O'Donnell, Procorre CEO