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Connect with your audience and tell your brand’s story

In a world of shorter attention spans

In a world of shorter attention spans, endless content, and busy lifestyles, it can often feel difficult for brands to connect with their audiences. When it comes to content, lengthy infographics, emails, and detailed diagrams often fail to capture the audience's attention, leading them to scroll past without giving them a second thought. However, one medium seems to defy the dwindling engagement rates amongst other forms of content, and that’s video.

On Facebook, videos attracted a 6.09% engagement rate on average, almost double the average for other types of post on the platform. But what makes video content so successful? And how can you create a video that connects with your audience and tells your brand's story?

Cutting through the noise with video content

One of the key reasons for video content's success amongst other types of content comes down to saturation. A sponsored graphic, or social media post can be whipped up in an hour or so, and social platforms are full of them. Alternatively, video production takes a lot more work to get right, and appears a lot less frequently.

Another reason for its success comes down to the fact that humans are just too damn busy these days. Taking time out of our busy lives to read content can often be offputing, especially when we’ve been reading all day in our working lives. Video offers an alternative option that allows people to sit down and easily digest information, making them much more accessible for users to engage with.

Despite this, there are still plenty of considerations that need to be made when you start creating video content.

Creating video content – getting it right

Of course, the length of a video is going to impact the overall engagement. Studies indicate that videos between 2 and 4 minutes in length tend to achieve the best engagement rates. Other ways to boost engagement on your video content involves incorporating attractive visuals and clear, easy-to-understand text. Additionally, it's important to consider accessibility when creating video content, and using subtitles to assist viewers who may have a hearing impairment is essential.

Interestingly enough, 85% of videos watched on Facebook are played without sound, and mobile devices tend to attract more engagement. One of the key reasons for this may be due to users using mobile devices in public places (such as trains, the local Pret, or church). Trust us… the last thing a user wants is a marketing video blaring out halfway through a hymn. Embarrasing audio mishaps like these also emphasises the need for subtitles.

Showcasing your brand’s identity and story

Similar to all types of content, it’s absolutely essential that your video showcases your brand identity in the best way. Refer to your brand’s colour scheme and pick visuals and graphics that support your overall image. Also, don’t forget to ensure your logo features in the motion picture, so that viewers know who’s behind the masterpiece.

While we can look at industry averages across engagement rates to gain some initial guidelines, it’s crucial that you consider how this relates to your specific target audience. Are you targeting busy business owners with a promotional video? Then make it short, punchy, and easy to understand. Is this video aimed at scientists to promote a new piece of lab equipment? Then you probably want to make it informative, detailed, and longer than the average length of 2-4 minutes.

Make sure you create video content that speaks to your target customer’s persona in order to achieve the best results.

Video can be a particularly challenging medium to get right. It’s one thing to understand the best concepts and ideas to connect with your target audience, and another to physically create something which is visually impressive and unique.

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